Restoration Workshops

Restoration Workshops

Restoration Workshops

We organize and hold 2 and 3-day workshops around the country sharing with you the knowledge, skills, and products to restore your antique or vintage sewing machines and cabinets. This is NOT a "oil here, grease there" maintenance workshop intent on selling products! Our goal is to teach you the proper methods of disassembling, unfreezing, de-rusting, and repairing antique and vintage machines.


You Can Do it!

Restoration Workshops

Restoration Workshops

You can make that old machine look and sew great again! Whether found at a yard sale, antique store, or in great-grandmother's attic or barn, we can show you how to bring her back to life and look as good as she can while retaining her character!


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Restoration Workshops

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In order to give full attention to each participant, we limit most workshops to 10 participants. Many workshops fill up fairly quick so make sure and reserve your seat!

Couples Are Always Welcome!!


Bring Your Spouse or a Friend!

Two heads are always better than one!! We cover so much in the 2 days that there is no way one person can remember everything. Working with your spouse or friend makes the workshop even more enjoyable, not to mention that when you return home there will be more knowledge retained! Better yet, you immediately form your own support (enabler) group!


Working Together Strengthens Relationships

Whether a friendship or a marriage, having common interests is much more positive than going our separate ways and doing "our own thing". I have been amazed at the number of spouses who have grown interested in sewing machines once they get their hands in one. I know when I work on a project with Sherri, it is always so much more enjoyable. It just makes a relationship much stronger.

Add a "Workshop Helper" to your cart!


Second Person Attends Free*!

 That's right, register a couple as one person and pay the deposit, then add a "Workshop Helper" to your cart before checkout.
*A helper will require a $25 fee to cover expenses and meals. A couple registered as one person is limited to one machine since a second machine requires time and resources. A couple with two machines will still be required to register separately. Some venues cannot accommodate extra people and this will be noted in the workshop description if it applies. If you have any questions concerning this, please feel free to ask. 

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Come to us or help us come to you!

Sign up for a workshop retreat and join us, or host a workshop and take the class free while helping others by allowing them a workshop near them! 

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