Our Sewing Machine Bases


Our Unique "Convertible" Base

They easily convert from a vintage-style base with storage compartment under the hand wheel to a base with a bed extension. Simply lift the machine and rotate the base. With the compartment at the business end, the cover serves as the extended bed. 


Vintage Wood, Vintage Tools, Vintage Methods

These bases are handmade, using wood reclaimed from old barns or outbuildings. They are constructed of either white oak, red oak, poplar, and occasionally red cedar when available. We use many vintage tool and period-correct joinery (such as the box-joint corners). Built with no intentions of looking new, but to appear as refinished antiques.


Available At Our Workshops and Here!

As our inventory is constantly changing, we ask that you visit our store section if you would like a base. Or attend one of our workshops to see them in person, pick one or more, and receive a significant discount, not to mention depriving the Post Office of a large check! Check our available bases in our Online Store!

Many Unique Choices


Mineral Poplar

One of the coolest-looking species of wood I get now and then is mineral poplar. 



Oak seems to be a favorite now as well as back in the period. We produce bases in natural (clear coat only) as well as stained with colors to reflect the era of the machine.


Optional Upper Millwork

An old twist on new bases in an attempt to recreate the millwork around the edge of the old treadle cabinet tops. 

Singer 301 Portable Base



We are the only provider of this unique and handy base for the Singer 301. One of the greatest benefits of the 301 is its portability, and these bases were carefully computer-designed with that in mind. The machine mechanically locks into place in the base, making it still completely portable by the handle. In addition, the compartment under the bed provides the perfect place to store your cord & pedal!


So Many Choices!

Whether you like the appearance of wood that closely matches your machine's colors (maple above) or something crazy with a lot of character like the hickory, we have what you want or will build it! Red or white oak, yellow poplar. or maple!! Whatever you decide, your machine will be the talk of the quilting group or sewing retreat! 


Available Only From US!!

We are the original designer and builder of these, and the ONLY supplier. There is no middle-man!!. Our bases are  warranted and completely user-serviceable.Replacement parts are easy to get and easy to install with just a screwdriver. Since I am unable to keep up with demand, availability is limited.

Singer 301 Bases

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