About Us

Tools We Use and Provide

Although this is not a complete listing, these are some of the tools that you will use in the workshop to accomplish the many tasks such as disassembling, cleaning, and polishing. We provide all necessary tools and some you get to keep, however you are welcome to bring your own tools if you prefer to use them. I do ask that you do not use tapered-tip screwdrivers that are the most common type found in hardware stores as these are not suitable for screws used in sewing machines.  

Tools We Give You Or Offer For Sale

We try to keep (new in the package) some of the tools such as the hollow-ground gunsmithing screwdrivers, along with other tools. These will be on site for you to purchase if you like. Some I feel are necessary enough that they are part of your goodie bag to take home.

Tools We Recommend You Bring

Somewhere down there is a list of things that, for your own safety, comfort, or just to make life simpler, we urge you to bring along with you. Nothing is "required," but just suggestions.

Tools Provided

Dremel Rotary Tool


To try to clean and polish a sewing machine without a rotary tool would be a futile undertaking. We have some available in the workshops but if you have your own we urge you to bring it along. We supply the buffing wheels you will need. 

Hollow-Ground Gunsmith Screwdrivers


In the beginning when God made sewing machines, he also made guns. Seriously, the industrial revolution and the Civil War accelerated manufacturing, both of the sewing machine and the gun, many times in the same factories. Incidentally they both used the same type of screws and the same tools work best across the board for both. We also have these for sale.

2-oz Brass Hammer


Brass won't (normally) damage steel or iron, so we use these for lots of different things in the workshop. You get one in your goodie bag so you don't have to go out and buy one. 

Cordless Drill


Okay, so the ones we provide aren't pink, but we provide drills to spin parts such as screws and rods, and to use the special polishing tool that you will receive in your goodie bag. If you have your own and want to bring it along, you are encouraged to do so. Cordless or corded, either works!



Tools We Recommend You Bring

Safety Glasses


We've all had things in our eyes and it's never fun.  The metal polish tends to fly around in droplets and, although not terribly dangerous, it can be quite irritating in the eyes.

Lighted Glasses


Just a suggestion. Many in the workshops have expressed a need for more light and these help a lot. No matter how much light we try to provide, there is never enough (for me included).

Or Just a Flashlight


There is always a dark place that you need more light!