Experimenting with Gojo to Clean Machines

A video that I wanted to make to show Gojo's ability to clean machines and test whether Gojo will damage decals or not.

Hand Wheel Polishing

A step-by-step tutorial on polishing as well as a comparison between the aluminum foil and water method of "shining" a hand wheel against a better method of truly polishing.

Screw Polishing and Repair

Repairing and polishing damaged screw heads

The Singer 66 Bobbin Winder

Sorry for the quality and the wild hair. If you've ever had a problem with a bobbin winder, you will understand why his video was made

Breaking Loose a Frozen One

This is one really cool German Tittel Rhenania that came from an antique store in Michigan. It was frozen and rusted but in the video you'll see what it took to get it loose and disassembled. This video doesn't start at the beginning for some reason. I'm not a great video editor and goofed something up, so if you want to watch it from the beginning you'll need to scroll it back. :-)

Disassembly and Reassembly of the Willcox & Gibbs Automatic Tension

These tensioners look intimidating but aren't that bad if you get that lock loosened!

Comparing the Differences in Wheeler & Wilson Curved-Needle Machines

Looking at some of the subtle (and some not so subtle) differences between the 1869-1872 W&W machines

The American Buttonholer, Overseamer, & Sewing Machine Co. "Light Family #1"

Not a helpful video as far as working on your machine, but this one was just too much fun not to share it!

CNC-milling A New Slide Plate For The American BHO #1

Well, I can't show the actual milling of it because cameras aren't allowed where I did it, but the video shows the designing of the plate anyway

Automatic Bobbin Winder

How not to destroy a bobbin winder when disassembling it. Also covers shoulder screws and eccentrics explained.

Singer Potted Motor Screws

Ever had an issue with getting these out? Seen the posts on Facebook with the screws all mangled up from someone trying to manhandle them out? Here is a very simple way to get these screws (and most others) loose. This one of the oldest tricks in the book but the least used nowadays. Also an explanation as to why they are so hard to get out and why penetrating oil is useless in loosening them