Hosting a Workshop Is Easy!

The best part is it is free for you!!


That's right! Provide a location in your area to hold the workshop, help us promote it locally, provide drinks and two lunches, and you take the class for free! It doesn't matter if you don't know anyone in your area that likes sewing machines! It is our responsibility to get the people to attend and we don't expect you to have a group of people lined up. Contact us to get more information.

We Just Need a Location


About all we need is good lighting and space to seat 11 people at tables (host must provide tables and chairs). Running water and bathrooms is always nice to have too. Living rooms, garages, basements, man caves; all have sufficed and we will work with what we have available to us. 

What We Don't Need


We don't need a place to rent. Rent raises the price of the workshop just as our travel distance does. We do everything we can to keep the workshop prices low. We also don't need to be in a place with a set open/close time. We don't leave until everyone's machine is finished and we don't need a business owner turning off the lights on us.

Want To Host a Workshop?

Drop us a line!

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Sew Purty Workshops

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